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2024 Training Catalog


This presentation reveals the black market that has emerged in Colorado beginning with medical marijuana. Instruction will cover investigation of black market marijuana cases and the danger and violence associated.  


Confidential Informants 

Confidential Informants are the best and most dangerous resource for law enforcement. Come learn the do's and don't of confidential informants 


Elite Narcotics Investigations

Take your cases to the next level. Learn about wiretaps, covert cameras and advanced techniques


Fentanyl and Overdose Investigations 

Overdose is the leading cause of death for 18-45 year olds in the United States. Learn the techniques used by detective and help combat the problem

Class Pending

This course will prepare students to investigate indoor marijuana grow operations from tip or information to search warrant, and marijuana grow 

dismantle. This class is a must for new 

and seasoned marijuana grow 


Class Pending
Outdoor Marijuana Investigations
Outdoor Marijuana Investigations

This course will prepare students to investigate, dismantle, agency coordinate and operational planning for overall safety and efficiency.Discussion will take place reference resource and equipment acquisition.

Advanced Surveillance
Class Pending

This course will introduce students to the techniques involved when 

conducting advanced surveillance. Instruction will include classroom and practical surveillance operations utilizing additional tools and techniques. 

Marijuana Grow Safety and Dismantle

This course will prepare students to dismantle marijuana grows safely, including discussion of PPE utilization and hazard recognition. Case studies and real world hazard mitigation will be discussed 

Class Pending
Butane Hash Oil 
and Safety

This course will introduce students to the danger and hazards of Butane Hash Oil and Solvent Labs. Discussion will provide information on proper PPE, safety issues, types of labs and case development resources

Class Pending
Warrant Development

This course will introduce students to the processes involved in the development of search warrants as well as techniques and detailed examples of drafting bulletproof search warrants for success! Laptop and hard drive required.

Surveillance Image.png

This course will take you from beginner to super spy with our proven and tested techniques

Mastering the Art of Covert Surveillance 

Master the Eye of Covert Surveillance 


Foundation Narcotics Investigations 

Learned the basics from us. We will take you from the first stop to the courtroom in this course. 

Dealer Counting Money
Gang Investigations

This course will introduce students to the investigation of various types of street gangs and discussion will include hierarchies, violence, ways gangs make their money and the influence gangs have on your communities.

Class Pending
People Planning-Ops
School of Hard Ops

Get better at preparing for, organizing, and executing law enforcement operations. Learn the tips and tricks that ensure successful operations. See the description for more details.

Duration: 3 Hours

Cost: $50

Mexican Cartels

This course will introduce students to Mexican Drug Cartels and their major influences and impacts on the drug trade in the United States and around the world. Discussion will also include  cartel violence and trafficking routes around the world. 

Class Pending
Class Pending
Black Market Marijuana Prosecutions
Black Market Marijuana Prosecutions

Join a veteran narcotics prosecutor for a live course on conducting successful marijuana prosecutions in this climate  of de-criminalized cannabis. Gain knowledge and insight from a prosecutor navigating numerous complex marijuana cases. 

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