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Butane Hash Oil and Solvent Lab Investigations

This course will expose students to the Butane Hash Oil and Solvent Lab Investigations.  With the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana across the United States marijuana concentrate production has exploded and is becoming the most sought after form of marijuana use.  The results have been at times catastrophic with explosions across the US resulting in numerous injuries and deaths.  This course will teach investigators what to look for when investigating these dangerous operations, tactical responses and safe dismantling of extraction equipment.  world of indoor marijuana investigations. With both recreational and medical legalization around the United States it is imperative for investigators to know new trends, state laws and how to investigate these operations.  Know what to look for during each stage of your investigation and how to document your findings for success!


Course Topics will include

  • Basic BHO and Solvent Lab Investigations

  • Extraction Process of BHO 

  • Organized Crime involving BHO

  • Trends in BHO Use and Distribution

  • BHO Investigation Tips and Tricks

  • Proper PPE Use and BHO Lab Safety 

  • Safe Dismantling of BHO Labs

  • And much much more!! 

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