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Outdoor Marijuana Investigations

This course will expose students to the world of outdoor marijuana investigations. With both recreational and medical legalization around the United States and cartels and others taking advantage of the relaxed marijuana laws across the nation, it is imperative for investigators to know new trends, state laws and how to investigate outoor marijuana grows from receiving information through search warrant execution. Knowing what to look for and the resources available to you including air support, National Guard, US Forest Service and others will better support you in taking the fight to the illegal cultivators destroying our public lands and the violence they bring with them.  At the completion of this course you will understand why the eradication of these cultivation sites is so important!  You will also learn what to look for beginning with your preliminary investigation and up until search your outdoor grow site and how to document your findings for success! 

Course Topics will include

  • Types of Marijuana and Plant Anatomy

  • Cultivation of Marijuana 

  • Organized Crime involving Outdoor Marijuana Grows

  • Cartel Trends with Outdoor Marijuana

  • Trends in Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation

  • Outdoor Marijuana Investigation Tips and Tricks

  • Resources available to you

  • Environmental impacts of Outdoor Marijuana 

  • And much much more!! 

This class can be combined with the indoor marijuana class as well as the marijuana personal protective course for a 2-day superbly well rounded marijuana investigations 


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