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Black Market Bonanza

This presentation will show each attendee a large unintended but expected consequence of legalization, the marijuana black market.  Many western legalized marijuana States are now supplying the country with metric tons of high grade black market marijuana.  We will discuss the danger and violence of the marijuana black market and what many States are trying to do to combat this serious problem!

Course Topics include:

  • History of Marijuana Legalization Colorado

  • Decisions that greatly impacted the black market

  • Potency impact and the black market

  • Methods of Ingestion

  • Ease of access

  • Ease of concealment

  • Violent crime impacts

  • Drug impaired driving/ Fatal accidents

  • Who is profiting from legalization?

  • Racial equity divide and use as a crux for legalization

  • Cartels

  • Culture based Drug Trafficking Organizations

  • Trafficking methods

  • Interstate Trafficking

  • Black Market Availability/ Pricing and Profits

  • Postal and Parcel Use in trafficking organizations

  • Cultivation and Manufacturing impacts

  • Marijuana Cultivation Operations Indoor/ Outdoor

  • Marijuana Concentrate Operations and Dangers

  • Investigative Processes that have been proven to work

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