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Upcoming Classes

  • Black Market Marijuana Bonanza-On Demand Recording
    On-Demand 14-Day License
    ON-DEMAND TRAINING! With the legalization of marijuana, Colorado is ground zero for the marijuana black market. This great 4 hour class will discuss the free for all in Colorado we like to call, Black Market Bonanza! Because this is pre-recorded, you can take it anytime you like within 14 days.
  • Sex, Drugs, and Social Networking
    Coming this July
    Blue Vudu Online Classroom
    Upgrade your investigative skills related to Internet and social media environments. Get the tools needed to bring down criminals using modern technology.
  • Black Market Marijuana Explosion
    August 3-6, 2021
    Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa, OK
    The impacts of the marijuana black market exploding across the United States!
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