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Search Warrant Development

This course will teach students the importance of developing strong search warrants that will withstand any defense.  Students will learn to maximize their resources, intelligence gathering, sharing and dessimination.  Current case law pertaining to search warrants will be instructed as well.


ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A WIRELESS CAPABLE LAPTOP AND POWER CORD capable of utilizing Microsoft Word, Xcel and PDF.  Class will be 100% hands on!

Class Topics include:

  • How to maximize your resources

  • Search warrant templates

  • Verbiage to get you in the door, with a

    small amount of information

  • Intelligence gathering, sharing and


  • How to find what you need on the


  • How to write a complete search


  • Current case law

  • The importance of de-confliction

  • When to wait and when to go

  • How to use their information, but

    alleviate identifying a CS was just

    at the residence.

  • Practical hands-on, interactive

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