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On-Demand 14-Day License

Black Market Marijuana Bonanza-On Demand Recording

ON-DEMAND TRAINING! With the legalization of marijuana, Colorado is ground zero for the marijuana black market. This great 4 hour class will discuss the free for all in Colorado we like to call, Black Market Bonanza! Because this is pre-recorded, you can take it anytime you like within 14 days.

Black Market Marijuana Bonanza-On Demand Recording
Black Market Marijuana Bonanza-On Demand Recording

Time & Location


On-Demand 14-Day License

About the Event

This is a pre-recorded, live, online course. Enjoy attending this class at your leisure! The link will last 14 days!

This presentation will show each attendee the unintended, but expected consequences of legalization. It will also introduce students to the marijuana black market and illustrate the many forms of black market marijuana trafficking now that legalized marijuana States in the western U.S. are supplying the country with tons of high grade, black market weed.  We will discuss the danger and violence of the marijuana black market, highlight real cases, and provide an array of investigative techniques students can apply in their investigations to combat black market traffickers. 

Course Topics include:

  • History of Marijuana Legalization Colorado
  • Decisions that greatly impacted the black market
  • Emergence of the black market amid legalization
  • Consequences and collateral damage
  • Who is profiting from legalization
  • Culture based Drug Trafficking Organizations
  • Concealment Methods
  • Interstate Trafficking and Transportation Methods
  • Black Market Availability / Pricing and Profits
  • Marijuana Cultivation Operations Indoor / Outdoor
  • Marijuana Concentrate Operations and Dangers
  • Investigative Processes that have been proven to work


  • Black Market Bonanza

    This will allow you access to the Black Market Bonanza Online pre-recorded course.




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